Have tax arrears, facing tax audit or prosecution?

Sought-after Tax Lawyer David Weaver helps individuals and businesses facing all tax problems – from IRD investigations and tax debt resolution to insolvency litigation and criminal prosecutions. We act on behalf of clients throughout New Zealand and are available to meet in person, or online, at your convenience.

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How We Can Help

As NZ tax lawyers, we’ve been solving IRD problems for over a decade. Our specialist tax law experience and inside knowledge of Inland Revenue policy, means we can provide better outcomes for our clients, quickly and efficiently.

IRD Tax Prosecutions

We speclialise in assisting people facing IRD tax prosecutions for failing to comply with tax laws. This can include undeclared income, failing to account for PAYE and GST fraud. We know this can be a daunting time – with many potential outcomes – which can make things all the more confusing. Our tax lawyers can help straight away by explaining the process in plain English.

Tax Debt Negotiations

We can help to ensure that any tax arrears you have incurred are placed under arrangement or written off, to prevent any further legal action being taken against you or your company. Our professional tax negotiation services are based on the Tax Administration Act and IRD policies which are applied to your personal circumstances. We understand the pressures you face and can help you get back on track. If your case is already in court, it is not too late to negotiate. Our legal expertise mean we can take care of those court appearances for you too, whilst we negotiate your arrears.

IRD Audits

Inland Revenue tax audits are regularly carried out to ensure tax obligations are being met. Whilst your tax affairs may be in order, a tax audit can be a challenging time, as there are numerous tactics the Inland Revenue will employ to investigate you. We know your rights and obligations and make sure that you are protected.

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Why Choose Us?

  • We arrived at a very stressful time in the previous couple of months, where hope was lost and we thought that we could never recover from the tax debt incurred by our group of companies. Through the assistance of David and Rosie, we managed to save 4 of our 5 companies and were able to continue to operate. We had no idea what we were up against, as this was the first time we had dealt with such issues. Without the thorough knowledge and skills of those at David Weaver – Tax Barrister, we would have lost everything. We will always be grateful to David and Rosie for giving us our businesses and livelihood back. We could not have done it without their expertise, efficient work and true dedication to us.
    C.M – Waikato
  • What a relief! - A shout out and a big thanks to Rosie for her skilful and delicate handling of a tax debt matter that could have otherwise ended badly. Not only did Rosie take lead with IRD negotiations, she also provided great advice and guidance with installing disciplines to ensure the situation won’t repeat. Thank you Rosie, my accounting habits have changed for the better.
    C.H. Christchurch
  • “I was at my wit’s end trying to find someone to help me with an IRD debt and I was out of time! After a terrible experience with another tax debt company I was uncertain as to whom I could trust. Rosie found me by chance and, if she hadn’t, things would be quite different now! Rosie and her team were very helpful, compassionate and steadfast – and, I didn’t have to lose an arm or a leg to pay their fees! They are very reasonable. The whole process ran so smoothly. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending them if you have any problems to do with tax. Thank you Rosie, you are an Angel! I am forever grateful to you and your team for finding me when you did, I was in such a dark place and you have truly brought me light again.”
    A.L. Auckland.
  • In 2021, my husband and I found ourselves in quite a pickle with IRD arrears on both of our companies and personal accounts. The interest and penalties were mounting and I was lost for what to do. I had ignored it for so long and it was at crisis point. After a terrible experience with another tax company, I found David and Rosie. Rosie took charge of all of our ‘problems’ and dealt directly with the IRD on our behalf. I did not have to deal with anymore phone calls or letters. Rosie made everything seamless, was so professional and personable and never made me feel embarrassed about this whole problem. We received the most amazing email from Rosie with ‘Congratulations’ and below was a settlement from the IRD! They had written off almost ¾ of the debt and agreed to a favourable payment plan for the rest. We had been living in a dark hole of dread and from that day it all lifted!! I can answer my phone again and clear the mail box without anxiety. We cannot thank Rosie enough for everything she has done for us and our family. Alongside that, she also taught us much better business practises to avoid anything like this in the future. If in doubt, I am happy to have a confidential conversation with anyone who is considering using this service. I just wish I’d done it sooner and saved myself so much worry. A+++ from me!
    S.M – Canterbury
  • “I’ve worked with David and his team on several clients now and have found them to be very knowledgeable, helpful and responsive. They have helped my clients out of some very difficult situations with the IRD. I can very much recommend that it is worth using their services if you have any tax problems, or arrears issues.”
    Chartered Accountant, Tauranga
  • I engaged David Weaver to help with a complicated tax and liquidation issue on behalf of very stressed friends, a couple whose business was in serious trouble. I knew David Weaver’s outstanding reputation with IRD tax debt and insolvency, however, David and his team were extraordinary. Early on in the engagement, the husband suffered a horrendous work accident, so everything became even more complicated. The expertise in setting out a complicated issue and the steps they would take, gave us such a high degree of comfort. After the accident, the unflappable ability to keep my friends and everyone else involved, providing information in a timely manner, was impressive. They certainly went the extra mile and the outcome was better than any of us could have hoped for. I highly recommend David Weaver and his team. Thank you, these people have a chance to start again because of your superb handling of their situation.
    KP, Queenstown
  • We had been in negotiation with IRD for nearly 2 years with fines and interest increasing all the time. We had left the negotiations to our accountant which proved to be fruitless. IRD had decided to instigate court action and a tax lawyer was our last option (should have been the first in hindsight) and we feel genuinely lucky to have found David Weaver and Tauranga Chambers. It is not an understatement to say he has saved our family a massive financial burden that would have been present for years to come. Use these guys – awesome to deal with and top tier lawyers.
    DW, Auckland
  • We got some really bad advice and ended up with a tax audit. Once that was all over, there were penalties and interest to pay on tax arrears. I thought it was never going to end — so stressful! Thanks for all the hard work, Dave — no more sleepless nights!
    Dentist, Bay of Plenty
  • Business was booming and we took on lots of new staff. Lots of work didn’t always mean lots of cash flow, and we got behind with GST and PAYE. The tax debt penalties and interest were horrendous, and the IRD started sending threatening letters all the time – David got in there and resolved the matter for us.
    Earthmoving, Canterbury
  • Our family business got behind with our taxes after my husband was injured at work. Nothing seemed to be going right and IRD started legal action. Luckily our accountant referred us to David at Tax Debt Sorted.  We ended up with a great result and the business is back on track.
    Cleaning business, Waikato
  • I had used several tax lawyers and accountants try and resolve my tax debt issues, and they were unsuccessful. I found David online and decided to use his tax debt management services. I found he was very understanding of the difficulties in my situation, and very effective at resolving this on my behalf with the IRD. I found his fees very reasonable for the effort and time he put into this. I would absolutely recommend David for any matter relating to tax debt or the IRD.
    Planning consultant, Auckland